Pre settlement builder and client defecting

Keep your defect numbers low. By partnering with KIN Property for your builders’ defecting* process, you can be confident that by the time you reach pre-settlement purchaser inspections, new owners will be “wowed” by the quality of finish and attention to detail in the presentation of their apartment or townhouse.

We understand defecting and work within standards and tolerances. We have worked with some of Australia’s biggest builders and project managers to achieve great results. We bring a level of quality to project completion that enhances builders’ reputations and delights both developers and purchasers, ensuring a smooth process both pre and post settlement.

Our Experienced Defectors:

  • Prevent trades from returning post-settlement saving you time and money
  • Ensure a significantly lower number of defects at pre-settlement purchaser inspections
  • Your client will be delighted with the quality of finish, creating a higher chance of repeat business
  • Deliver fast accurate processes allowing your trades to return to problems sooner
  • Ensure a quality industry reputation for you.

Post settlement defecting

KIN Property also offers post settlement assistance in the following ways:

  • Undertake comprehensive and thorough internal inspection of the premises including all  visible surfaces. E.g. paintwork, joinery, floor coverings etc
  • External, including rendering, brickwork and landscaping within reasonable access
  • Assimilate, compare and reconcile all previous outstanding defects raised
  • Provide a detailed report of items identified
  • Regular reporting and progress updates
  • Liaise with all stakeholders to help facilitate positive outcomes
  • On request, manage external specialist opinions and provide feedback and any recommendations on these.

Our professional team here at KIN Property have significant experience within the building trade and have a comprehensive understanding of the Victorian Standards and Tolerances 2015.

We are highly skilled market leaders in customer service and can confidently assist and facilitate a positive outcome for all parties.

* Our builder’s defecting process (both pre and post settlement) includes reporting of cosmetic and non-structural aspects of the build only.