New Home, New Beginnings and Business Growth

With the new year well upon us, it is a perfect time to look back and reflect on our learnings and achievements in 2020. The last year has taught us here at KIN to be more resilient, courageous and patient. It has pushed us to be more open-minded and focus on the more important aspects of both our personal and professional lives. For KIN, it has in fact helped us to grow as individuals and as a company.

Whilst 2020 was turbulent, we are pleased to share that KIN has experienced a year of growth and exciting new beginnings. We are proud to have expanded the KIN family to include two new business arms alongside KIN Property; KIN Real Estate (Sales division) and more recently, KIN Partners – a law firm.

KIN Property alone has welcomed six valuable new employees last year, including a marketing manager, a business relationship manager, three assistant project managers and a new office manager. And most recently we have moved from our office in Carlton to a new home in Collingwood, still conveniently close to the CBD. A fresh start coupled with these new beginnings is something we are proud of, particularly in the current climate.

With emotional wellbeing at the forefront, KIN has recently introduced a 9-day fortnight for our employees which is allowing for more work life balance, whilst still ensuring the highest level of customer service.

Whilst these changes are significant, KIN remains completely true to our core values of kindness, honesty, service, growth and connection.  We take pride in these core values, whilst delivering our services to developers, builders and purchasers alike. Our customer centric approach to all projects and the people involved is something we are proud of.

We are confident that this theme of personal and professional growth continues into this year and beyond. We continue to strive for excellence and market leadership.

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